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Golf Field

The Experience

our simulators

The Worlds Best Golf Simulator - HD Golf delivers incredible realism, accuracy and ease-of-use for an indoor golf experience with no comparison. HD developed a revolutionary 3D modeling software which incorporates REAL COURSE DATA (hi-res digital images, geophysical and satellite) into each players experience. Play Pebble Beach, St. Andrews or dozens of other REAL Championship Courses. Tee Time Simulators offer fun and excitement on-demand HD Golf and a variety of HD Multi-Sports for all-ages.

Key Components

  • Metal Frame Low-Rebound Hit Screen

  • Custom Draperies, Baffles, & Ceiling Tracks

  • Side Tracking Cameras

  • IST Computer Vision Tracking w/ Quadvision Technology

  • Overhead Tracking Cameras

  • High Definition Projector

  • Touch Screen

  • HP Workstation Computer

  • Professional Grade Hit Mat

  • Professional Grade Nylon Turf


hd multi-sport

There are plenty of ways to play! Maximum fun, competition and skills development can be yours to share as you finesse your skills, compete with others and try new sports. Our Multi-Sport option converts our simulators into a stadium with endless gaming possibilities and multiplayer fun! Enjoy soccer, hockey, lacrosse, footgolf, handball, sport shooting & hunting, in addition to golf.


We make it easy for you to get in the game, with intuitive play, genuine sports equipment and incredible realism. Whether you’re an elite coach working with amateur athletes or just having some fun with friends, HD Multi-Sport™ is THE destination for indoor, on-demand sports.


With proper notice, we can rent out the entire facility for private parties or events, even outside of our normal business hours, or on a day that we would otherwise be closed. For more details, please feel free to contact us.

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